Sushi Dinner Entree

Maki Combo *
(Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Yellowtail Roll)
Spicy Combo 🌶 *
(Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Yellowtail Roll)
Sushi Deluxe *
(8pcs Sushi with California Roll)
Love Boat (for two) *
(Shaggy Dog Roll, Red Dragon Roll and 6pcs Nigiri Sushi, 6pcs Sashimi)
Tomball Boat (for four) *
(Tomball Roll, Pink Laby Roll, Love Roll, 10 pcs Nigiri Sushi, 12pcs Sashimi)
Sashimi Deluxe *
(16pcs Sashimi with White Rice)